Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School

Georgia Performance Standard: Habits of Mind – S3CS3.b

S3CS3. Students will use tools and instruments for observing, measuring, and manipulating objects in scientific activities utilizing safe laboratory procedures.

  1. Use computers, cameras and recording devices for capturing information.

Activity: Using NASA Globe Observer and Edmodo to connect 3rd graders with both their classmates and the outdoors

Goal: Make a fast, easy to implement activity that promotes collaboration and effective use of school-provided iPads.  Encourage students to make connections between the classroom, technology, and the outside world.

Objectives: Observe different cloud types using NASA GLOBE Observer app and base identifications on in-class readings.  Share your recordings on the Edmodo class blog following brief, social-media style post formatting.

Description: In this activity, students will record observations of clouds using the NASA Globe Observer app on the iPad. They will then use Edmodo, an online communication tool aimed at children, to share what they’ve learned with teachers and classmates. The teachers prepare for this assignment by showing students the GLOBE e-book provided by NASA, which explains how to identify different types of clouds. Optionally, the teachers can attend the GLOBE Teacher Workshop to receive training in using inquiry-based research in the classroom.

One issue we are addressing is the time required to implement technology in classrooms with young, less experienced students. Both NASA Globe Observer and Edmodo are simple platforms with minimal preparation necessary, allowing ease of use for both students and teachers.

By using their technology outside, students will learn the range of ways that technology can be used for learning. They will interact directly with their environment in addition to viewing learning tools and peer comments online.


Hatheway, Becca, Kerry Zarlengo, and Peggy LeMone. Do You Know That Clouds Have Names? Ed. Lisa Gardiner. N.p.: U Corporation for Atmospheric Research, 2006. Web.
“Third Grade Science Curriculum.” Georgia Performance Standards (GPS). Georgia Department of Education, 11 Dec. 2008. Web. 20 Apr. 2017


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