Here is our group’s rationale for the BYOD Project:

B.Y.O.D: Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School

Nicole Agadoni’s 3rd Grade Class

We believe the school is on the right track in terms of using technology to supplement student learning.  Perhaps concerns regarding time limits and student abilities can be addressed with a revised plan.  For example, if it seems that students are struggling to use technology in an efficient way to present material then the focus could be put on utilizing technology for researching and/or teaching general concepts.  Additionally, students can use available technologies to do simple and specific activities related to the standards so that they do not feel overwhelmed with new material and unfamiliar resources.

Secondly, the variety of technology available to students is impressive and able to be used for a variety of tasks.  With all these options, there may be a way to encourage cooperative learning.  While each student may use their own device, collaborating with each other might speed up the learning process for more difficult concepts if they do not focus individual learning.  Students who are quick to understand can assist others who may be lagging, either by physically demonstrating how to use certain technologies or by using online communication tools (such as Seesaw, Edmodo, or other class blogs).

As for the teacher’s use of technology, one noted problem was lack of awareness.  There are many options available to use, so it is difficult to narrow down what would be best for one’s classroom.  If the teacher were to keep the concept of intentional (goal-regulated) learning in mind when planning an activity, it may be possible to refine the search for useful materials.  Using google to search for helpful software that brings specific learning objectives into the real world could benefit the teacher.  Furthermore, it may be possible to connect to teachers from a variety of schools online to share their own B.Y.O.D ideas.


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