Genius Hour #5

Finally, it is time to wrap up my Genius Hour project.  I had a wonderful time looking into two things I am passionate about and combining them into something that could help others.  In the future, I would like to use ukulele in my Japanese language classroom.  Over the course of this project, I have learned that a lot more thought has to go into lesson planning for dual-curriculum projects.  However, I have gained some confidence that I will be able to implement my idea into classes in the future.

  One thing I would like to change about my idea is to account for student input.  If I were to be the only one choosing songs, it may not be as interesting as possible to my students, so I would like to at least ask what genres of music they enjoy and see if I could find any recent songs that would be simple and appropriate to use in the classroom.  Additionally, I would like to make sure that I do not reuse too many ideas each semester/year so that students will always have something fresh to look forward to.

  If I were required to get my idea approved, I think the most effective way to present my information would not be through lecture alone, but a demonstration of using ukulele to learning Japanese that could be beneficial to beginners; in other words, I would like to interact with my audience to show them personally how easy it is to learn along with music if they are not already convinced.  If they are not willing, perhaps it would be a good idea to assemble a small group of student volunteers record a video of them learning new vocabulary or grammar points while asking questions.

  Overall, I hope that my strategy to learn Japanese language will be helpful to my future students.  As long as I keep what I learned during Genius Hour in mind, I feel that it will be successful and fun.


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