Stop Motion Project


For our stop motion video, we decided to recreate a frog’s life cycle with paper cut-outs.  As the video says: frogs are fascinating creatures, and we each learned something about frogs as well as the video-making process.  My role in this video was story-boarding and writing a script; everyone worked together to create props and move the paper pieces around to end up with our final product.  At first, there was definitely some technical difficulties with setting up our camera and tripod, but in the end everything turned out fine.  I feel that if we had more time, the video would have been even better but I am satisfied with how it turned out.

Throughout the process of making this animation, my confidence levels did not fluctuate that much.  It did not seem difficult overall, but I was not sure I would be able to contribute enough to the group’s effort.  However, I grew to like the process as we got past the 2nd survey, and was impressed upon watching the video for the first time.  Everyone did a wonderful job and I was happy that I could be a part of it.  In the future, I would like to use this method to teach concepts to my students.  I also feel that I would be able to improve over time and make some high quality videos on my own.

The video model we were shown before working was helpful overall; it was nice to see a breakdown of how to make stop-motion animation as well as a clear set of instructions.  Seeing past students’ work helped me be sure that our group was progressing in the right direction.  It did not necessarily hurt my own confidence, but I think if that video were a little faster we would have had more class time to work on our project and not have felt pressured/rushed.  If I had to make any suggestions, it would have been to make the instructions more fast-paced and concise.  I believe it is possible to create a video that is easy to understand but not so lengthy (as I remember it, anyway).


Thank you!



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