StoryCorps Interview Reflection

I thoroughly enjoyed using the StoryCorps app!  The TED Talk and original StoryCorps project are both inspirational and helpful in evoking a deep sense of purpose to conversation.  I feel that often nowadays, people are so busy that it takes away from having the types of conversations we really want to share with each other StoryCorps is the perfect way to go about changing that.
As a whole, preparing and conducting the interview is not difficult; being able to go at your own pace and choose from an extensive list of questions helps get over the typical “writer’s block” that always obstructs my thoughts when I try and put them on paper.  Finding the time to sit and talk is the actual difficult part, however it is absolutely worth the 15 minutes or so out of your day.  As for passing the phone between interviewer and interviewee, I did worry that would cause a bit of static sound in the microphone, but if the interview takes place somewhere quiet it is a non-issue to just leave the phone on the table.
As an educator I would love to use this app not only for those close to me, but my future students.  I could ask them about their learning styles, classroom preferences, opinions on their educational system, or even about themselves so long as they are comfortable with that.  Listening to and preserving student voices is an excellent method for making your students feel valued in the classroom, and I truly hope stressing the importance of the interview would make my class a memorable one for my students (in a good way of course!).


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